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The Plumber with a Heart

oil on linen
21 ½” x 31″

The Plumber Putting Heart in Inflatable Toy

24″ x 29″

Man with Blue Guitar

20″ x 15″

I wake up and I think of you.
I think of Honey.
I think of a Big Room filled with Honey.
I think of a Museum filled with Honey.
I am thankful to you.
I think of my Aunt Bess,
Always taping a lucky penny
To the Birthday Cards she sends me.
The penny has to be new so it looks like gold,
Though it’s only copper.
I think of you as I hold my lucky penny
And I am rich.
You make all my paintings for me.
Day dreaming and drifting off
I think of you
And my paintings magically appear
Before my eyes
Made up by themselves.
I used to be in the restaurant business
With my Aunt Bess
Until you took me with you
To a room filled with music.

Rod Sleeping with Cat

oil on linen
21″ x 29″

From your lighthouse,
You shine a light for me in the dark.
You give me a reflection of myself
That comes from far off.
My voice comes back to me,
Mirrored in blue light,
Big and strong,
Filtered and pure.
I explore as much as I want
And then come back to you
For peace.

My Psychic Twin

oil on linen
33″ x 43″

My friend and I may be psychological twins in the sense of being split archetypes, the sun and moon. I have a compulsive warmness. He has a compulsive coldness. I live in the city. He lives in the country. He is tall. I’m short. He is a man. I am a woman. He is attached to the earth. I float in the clouds. He doesn’t talk about death. That’s all I talk about. He likes games and distractions. I like contemplation and psychology. I wallow. He doesn’t refer to personal suffering. I live in a dangerous neighborhood. He won’t go anywhere he has to lock his car. I am messy. He is neat as a pin. I’m disorganized. He is organized. I am intuitive. He is analytical. He hates me. I love him.

Buster and Ann

oil on linen

Carriage House

oil on linen

Small Stairs

oil on linen

Stairs with Tulips

oil on linen

oil on linen

Stairs in Pink

oil on linen

Stairs with Jonathan and Moon

oil on linen

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